Prayer For July 22 2021

Hello Soulja Nation, Please feel free to add to this prayer in the comment section as today we each set forth to complete the Holy Fathers will of today.

Father God thank you, for this day you have given each of us with your Grace, Lord, I come before you to ask that you help everyone today that is awaking as the morning becomes the reality of being a fresh start of the day. Father, there is many that claim to be a part of the body of Christ, but don’t partake in the evidential spiritual fruit producing such claim and lack such spiritual maturity process. Lord Father, as humans we allow our minds to be the driving aspect of planning our day forth but, really don’t take notice to for, it is not that we fit you into our daily schedule but it is you that makes room for us, to be a part of your Holy and Righteous schedule of the timeline that you have bestowed upon earth.

Father God, the arch enemy the devil knows time is short but yet many from the human aspect act as if we have tomorrow to fix and forgive the matters of yesterday. So, many now days stating they are “woke” and it has become a cultural thing that claims to be in the know… Oh, Father, how the mass of humans in the world is deceived because we cannot sustain on the information at the typing of our finger tips of the internet of vast knowledge… But Lord, it is your wisdom that not just sustains but as well brings forth life in Heaven beyond this earth.

Oh, Lord so many people are under the deception of the devil as the devil plans out his last days here on earth as the anti christ agenda is carried forth by not just the devil’s demon cohorts but human foot soldiers as well. Oh, father compared to the mass amount in the world that rejects the gift of life, brought forth by your only begotten Son Jesus Christ, verse the number of individuals wanting to go forth and complete your will Father is smaller in number (Luke 10:2) Lord as you state in (Isaiah 41:10) fear not for you are the driving force of victory attained through your Son, Jesus Christ. Father God, to bring back to the beginning of this prayer as the sun breaks forth through the skies to bring the light of the morning sunshine of today.

Lord I pray that individuals will awaken this morning with a refreshed spirit and mind. Lord, I pray forth for heavier conviction from the Holy Spirit upon the harden hearts of the lost… Lord, I pray for increase in volume of such call forth to the conviction upon the lost where they begin to notice a louder call of the beacon of Hope (Jesus Christ) knocking forth upon their lost wandering soul… Father, I also pray for increase in urgency of the saints to become awaken to the true concept and context of discipleship which is not meeting a person one time to share Jesus and move forth forward but is an investment of rapport with each individual(s) you bring forth to the pathway you have the directional course authority of Father God. Amen!